Friendster new interface

Was asked to check out the new friendster interface by Justin when I came in to work this morning.

I was like FUH~ FRIENSTER huh hahahaha it was such a long time I didnt log into my friendster evensince Facebook/Twitter is now the hit!

Oh well, It was quite graphic look. but erm….. friendster wor hmmm….. facebook is more fun ler ๐Ÿ™‚


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Nah it might sound like Im lost but im just wondering why, not lost! q:
Lately I’ve been thinking alot, wondering why?? Why I want to choose to become a graphic designer???
when I had my internship last time one of the senior aunty said this to me
Aunty Cyn: Vivian, I want to ask u a question. Why u choose to study Graphic?
and I replied: because i want to become a graphic designer lor, hehehe ๐Ÿ™‚ *with a very naive smile*
Aunty Cyn: Im very sure that U will regret one day for choosing this thru my experience.
she said : now u wont know why am I said this to u, but sooner or later u will figure it out.
Aunty Cyn: Once u bcm a designer, U got no life, friends will bcm lesser and lesser. Every weekend u will just feels like apa pun tak mau hirau, lazy to go out just laze around inside ur room and have a good rest.
and ya, Now! It’s true, of what she told me I can feel it right now eventough is just a started.
Seriously I felt so regret WHY WHY WHY??
why I insist want to study graphic?
We, Graphic designer are catogories into the catagory of Profesional
but why is it I dont feel like we are professional at all?
why is it of whatever we get not even same range as what other professional earn??
People always tell me there’s no right or wrong for design?
but why am I always doing the same mistake over and over again?
I always blame myself : vivian tan oh vivian tan, why is it you always doing the same mistake over and over again?
is just a little mistake, why cant you be more aware?? haih Im so sick of that seriously?
why cant I always spot the mistakes immediately??
why is it clients always said we did this wrong did that wrong??
why almost of the designers have to work OT?
we always didnt know when we will finish our work.
we hardly can go off on time. Some even worst work for all day long.
I heard some of them even work until early in the morning 4am! wtf is that?
Takan designer are born to work like shit, Day and night.
Takan designer shouldnt be treat like a real professional?

Ok im not complaining about my job.
and if u were to ask me again.
“Vivian, now that u know if you were get to choose again, will u want to take graphic last time?”
and my answer will always be the same “YES, I will!”
hahahahahah funny right? sounds confusing right?
ya, I love design it was because I believe there’s no right or wrong for a piece of artwork.
and I love design it was because I love freedom and design always makes me feel like i got my freedom to design anything i want, ANYTHING!
hell no, when ur in college yes, U can do whatever shit u want
but once u work in a design firm
there’s no client who will to pay u to give u all the freedom to design anything u want to design for them.
Not even ONE, in here!
there’s alot alot alot alot alot alot alot alot alot alot alot of rules and regulations for u to follow whatever they want.
What to do, They pay so they are the boss!
eventough working as a designer, there’s a lot of works
but please, never expect u can earn alot in design field
never aim for high pay.
It is so pathetic when I heard my friend told me when she’s just an internship which work as XXX ( definitely not designer ) she gets 1k of salary.
I was like WHAT??? just an internship worker can already get 1k.
It sounds so pathetic! Even an internship worker can already earn the same amount of a basic fresh grad. designers. *sigh*
engineers are professional, doctors are professional, designers are also professional
why they earn more than us and always aim for highier salary
but we designer, when we can get more than 3k we already feels happy like shit?
and 3k is just a basic salary for an engineer. *sob sob* so sad!
*BIG SIGH* haihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

U might think design is fun but do remember, actually is not fun!
if u are hesitating wheter wanna study design
my advice: No, unless u really want to become one!
I just be into this line not even one year yet and I already started to questioning myself, hmmmmm
I dont know how long i can tahan still. Hopefully longer than i expect.
Dont aim for the lighter weight but for a stronger arm -chris chee-
I dont know wheter I used it correctly or not but arghhhhh dont care ler hahahaha
I actually love this quote! I always hope things can be more easier but there’s no easy way to earn, so work hard aim high!
I regret choosing of what i want but I m not regret of choosing what I like. ๐Ÿ™‚
Happy working! to all the designers. tommorow is another day *cheers*


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damn cool

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the canvas all star basketball shoes, converse have produced a limited edition of 1000 books containing a pair of shoes. using the theme of โ€™starโ€™, the book details the history of the canvas all star brand and features interviews by 100 of todayโ€™s biggest stars. also, in an effort to support the young creative people of the world, converse have chosen 100 people and put them together with the famous actors, comedians, stylists, photographers, art directors etc who inspire them to pursue the same career. the shoes have been made especially for this project and come in white, black and red, and in two sizes, 24cm and 27cm”

Saw this from die line. Fuh I love it so much. I want the shoe’s box ):

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