13th July 2010

Good Morning.

The Big Ass Screen at Federation Square

Spot us…. Spotted

Reached Fedaration Square

to pay a visit at ACMI ( Australian Center for the Moving Image )

Bought a double pass ticket for both Tim Burton Exhibition and European Master

The batman car

Balloon boy

Before heading into the Tim Burton’s exhibition , we 1st had fun at ACMI

Kinda cute like a robot. *teehee*

All sort of video cameras, Tv, games and projectors from the past until the present time.

Lucite Television

It sure very old.

Carlie Chaplin

Felix the cat.

I used to have one Felix’s t-shirt back in childhood era.

Astro boy.

This always reminds me of Justin Chu, I don’t know why.

Toy’s story

Star wars


Costume from Moulin Rouge

All sorts of games set from the past until now are available here.

He’s busy playing with the shadow monster

This is how he look like if  he were to become a monster one day

TY the Tasmanian Tiger

You won’t feel anything special judging by the picture

This is how exactly look like in live.

Then it’s time to go for the exhibit of Tim Burton’s. No pictures were allowed to be taken. A lot of famous Tim Burton’s movies that he exhibit there such as the recently one Alice in the wonderland, Batman, Corpse Bride, Big Fish, Edward Scissorshand, Sweeney Todd, Beetlejuice, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and etc. Inside we saw lots of props used in Tim Burton’s movies like the real costume used in Batman, Alice in Wonderland, etc.

I guess it was because of winter that’s why the tree are all bald.

Gathered at Willy’s ( Soo Nee’s bf ) house before we head to Mount Dandenong.

Should have pose in more gaya style to make it look like as if we are Mr. and Mrs. Smith 😳

I was actually shocked to see this coming. Theyare like well-trained postman came in one by one

until it form a line full with all the yellow striking postmen. Awesome! 😯

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22nd Jan 2010 – ?

Was received a surprise gifts from mom, jon and vanice middle of the night.

Aha one more new year clothes for me ? !!

Lunch treat at Xuan Xin by W3rkers ? tankqiuuuuuuuuuu so muchie!  – photo from famouschris

Had a super surprise from my boo a night before.

Was told that not coming online because Modem ILY22 got problem, I was so slow that I didn’t get the message *sighhh* WTF me!!! It was actually a piece of paper was hidden under my modem ?

The clues for me to search my prezzie

My answer FAILED!!!! couldn’t get 10/10

But with my “smart-ness” I still manage to get all 10 pieces of clues.

Tada my prezzie Yay! ? xoxo…… with a glass of baileys ?

Had lovely dinner at Ingolf’s Kneipe.

the menu

Still prefer to have ourself Paulaner draught. The price are equivalent to a plate of main dish.

I ? Paulaner

He loves it too.

The soup. Nice but still Mizi rocks in terms of taste and cheaper.

His main dish Roasted Porkbelly marinated in their secret spices

Mine Crumbed chickenschnitzel Julian’s style. I was so damn regret by ordering myself a plate of main dish, the portion was like OMG huge. makan sampai SUPER FULL.

Then headed to Sunset bistro to meet


them  *thanks for the prezzie, kam siah alot 🙂 *

and them. Wei khobo onn why bo picture of you eh?? apa lu buat?

? ? ? ?

Will coming over to Melbourne to meet u guys soon, real soon ?

Happy 22nd to myself *blow candles*

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Welcome to EAA passport graduation showcase day 3!
Multimedia lecturer-Bryan Lee

sorry sir i think i had dissapoint u the most in class =( Kit, the big guy!! gonna miss u after u go UK
No one gonna call me “hey beauty!” or “hey sweetie” anymore
no one gonna give me love love advice after u leave, sad!
make sure u miss me as much as possible at UK, see ya after 2 years later lol
*sob sob* Wan Ting- the closest friend in class ( korean freak, watched gay porn -.- )
Ting, please ler bertaubat!! Sabbie-The nearest neighbour friend in college
The only fashion graduate for Passport batch!! *bravo*
The only survivor whee~ The models hahaha
Posers of the exhibition.
This is very horrible! damn. there’s no next time, once in a lifetime haha Anyoenghaseiyo! welcome to my booth again!
Sir, we really miss miss u so much.
Handphone’s models ( the entertainer for the whole exhibition, kept on doing free shows on the stage -.- and i am always the only girl up there damn )
Here comes the tears of joy-ness and the tak sampai hati-ness
it’s not easy to run a successful showcase like this
a big round applause for all of us *clap clap*
One last group picture! ADIOS my friends much Lurve by me!!
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