Welcome to EAA passport graduation showcase day 3!
Multimedia lecturer-Bryan Lee

sorry sir i think i had dissapoint u the most in class =( Kit, the big guy!! gonna miss u after u go UK
No one gonna call me “hey beauty!” or “hey sweetie” anymore
no one gonna give me love love advice after u leave, sad!
make sure u miss me as much as possible at UK, see ya after 2 years later lol
*sob sob* Wan Ting- the closest friend in class ( korean freak, watched gay porn -.- )
Ting, please ler bertaubat!! Sabbie-The nearest neighbour friend in college
The only fashion graduate for Passport batch!! *bravo*
The only survivor whee~ The models hahaha
Posers of the exhibition.
This is very horrible! damn. there’s no next time, once in a lifetime haha Anyoenghaseiyo! welcome to my booth again!
Sir, we really miss miss u so much.
Handphone’s models ( the entertainer for the whole exhibition, kept on doing free shows on the stage -.- and i am always the only girl up there damn )
Here comes the tears of joy-ness and the tak sampai hati-ness
it’s not easy to run a successful showcase like this
a big round applause for all of us *clap clap*
One last group picture! ADIOS my friends much Lurve by me!!
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the second day
the group so call families of designers
thanks aunty for the pink roses
thank my babes for the sunflowers. This cheer me up when i felt upset and dissapointed
thanks daddy, mummy hugz
they are my beloved
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Take you to the world of design =P
Please get urself ready!
here we go….
Branding design : Meow ClubEvent Design : Season’s print fashion show
That’s it. Not enough?? who ask you didnt come and visit or else u might get to experience and feel the mood of meow club for 3 days and enjoy the event of season’s print fashion show as well LOL~
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