Yay it’s another weekend but is quite a tiring weekend after the the long weekdays.
Zenzi bar again.
*tada* arghh dammnnn i looked so chan after worked.
surprisingly met my senior there.
the next day was a long day for me. But it was so nice traveling to the mainland with *me love* eventough im feeling a lil. bit ill.
1st was went to carrefour actually but nothing much is just a huge groceries shopping mall
Then we headed to Jusco. Fuh~ so nice man! I never know it can be soooooooo big!
Then traveled to Jawi for the “heh piah ji laksa”. It doesnt taste lemak but it was delicious *slurp*
Tried this for the 1st time. Red bean bali. It goes well together.
What a perfect match!
when the dark falls, met my aunt and mum at coffee island for dinner.
I dont really like the food there *blek*
Time flies, same goes my to weekend. It was a lovely sunday anyway!
Finally tooked the 3 ladies to Dragon-i.
for my favourite “siew long pao”
The 2 sisters
the love birds
oh wee oh! had dinner at hao you seafood which is also my grandmum’s birthday dinner.
The bro.sis!
The clingy love bees!
the grandchildren
Yaya i know it’s ugly. Thats why i said it’s uglier than jessica elba on my previous post!

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Happy 520 day!
520 in chinese means ???= I love you
the funny thing is me and *me love* both together forget about our 8th month ann.
hahahahahaha here im wishing everyone happy 520!
to *me love* : happppyyyyy 520 hugs!!! *heart* you ?

Let us together old school

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Aha! This is me
Joyce Tang. was told that i look like her since standard 4.
I dont know but u judge

Joanne-Jen jen said i look like her???
but who’s she?Me Again
Gigi Leung. Was told that i look like her as well since form 1
I dont think so.
*me love* BFFang zhu ming. Agree??
Dont think so??
Again *me love* BFsee sama muka. I dont know actually this is what my friends said. 😛This is what fern fern said one. she told me he look like cute lil. woodstock lol 🙂Lee Soo Yee. BFF
Annie Man. Aisheh she looks like her.
Dont u think so?
Yeah Please agree with me.
Eileen Gan Mi Fern. BFF
just kidding
Sherril Leow. BFF
Winnie The Pooh.
” Siang bo siang?”

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