A long lost friend

Dear friend,

It wasn’t easy for all of your friends to accept the fact that u’ve gone at the young age.

I do remembered we met in the year 2003 , 8 year ago, couldn’t believe it was that long. Was shocked when Adrian told me the news, was hard for everyone to see you one last time when you are sleeping inside the coffin. 🙁

I couldn’t believe that new year eve was the last time I get to said “Hi” and the next time I saw you was attending your funeral last night. All of the sudden, there are some flash back memories. You used to called me, and we used to share our “sim su” long long long time ago after traplex. I remembered what you told me about the romantic stuffs you did to your girlfriend, and there was once you called me when you’re drunk.

My friend,

Even tough, we’ve lost contact after that but you will forever be missed. May you rest in peace. ?

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