Remember this??
we used to fool around in the class even the lecturers is in the class.
using sotorng’s hp to camwhore.
when my hair still curly and lau yee.
Yann herng look at u!! hahahahaha can u imagine urself looks like tu kau lil. gina when we 1st saw u?
Kia joo which always syok sendiri but the joker in the class. abit sissy!
but the most coward guy in the class.
even worst than a girl hahahahahaha 😛
the three! and wan ting the only four girls for GMDS 063 A class. (originally)
and then we combined class with GMDS 061 class which make the class even more lively. woooo
remember the Tee that we used to bought together and wore it in the class?? lol
Class outing.
aha! using Imac capture all the funny pictures
tak habis habis
bagi ia pecah! capture more and more
ying kit look at u, so “handsome” *trying to act cool summore*
I love this hahahaha
Adrian and sheh torng birthday! so nice. the both birthday fall on the same day!
and then my hair went short!
Remember we used to have BBq and potluck party at 3, Lebuh Batu Maung?
Freaking funny! i couldnt stop laughing when i looked back this picture!
*tengok me* hahahahahahahahahahaha

and then holiday trip to KL and genting. It was so fun man!
eventough it’s not complete
but still so fun
look at wan ting. What’s she doing there??
and then Bangkok trip! fuh, I love that! i misssssssssssssss it so much
played pool whenever we got free time even also when we’re having class halfway!
I dont play so hehehe. POSERS!!!
and then potluck at our beloved lecture chris choo apartment
we always love to hang out. everytime and to our favourite hang out spot! GURNEY!
GURNEY again. see. i told u d what our favourite spot!
because we can see chics and dudes.
and then we finally graduate from Equator arghhh so sad!
Babes for graphic class. (sorry cui lin, i took ur pictures and paste here) haha

I misssssssss u guys so much! u know who u are! 😛
I missssss college life so damn much!
I know u gonna agree with me!

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