July 31st, Hmmm oh well Today is Gina Wong wan ting 21st Birthday!!!!
Hey babe, it’s time to grown 🙂
Should be more lady-like. You’re such a nice girl actually.



Next will be T.Y Koay. A friend that means alot to me
Thanks to you, Or else I would not be with *me love* now 🙂
Indirectly he helped me found my true love muahahahahaha
Thanks for pinjam me ur time and ears when I needed it last time whenever I feel sad and down
to be honest ur actually a nice friend. kam siah che che.

u will be heading down to Kl tmr to start with ur another new journey
so wishes him Happy 26th birthday and Good Luck 🙂


Then next will be Eggy Lim chun thean.
A scout that I knew since the 1st time I joined EYTC which is also my 1st camp In my life.
Eggy oh eggy, Happy birthday 🙂
Miss those time when all of us “pia” for the camp but in the end only get 1st runner up 🙁
oh well we do enjoyed!!!


Last but not least.
31st JULY 2009

Hello people is 31st of the month

What else of course ler Baskin Robin promotion day!!! wheeeee~

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