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Rice wine.

Shoes made out of used rubber tyres.

the shoe minder

A B52 bomb crater.

The highlight of cu chi tunnel’s trip is to see how’s inside the tunnels actually look like and experience the crawling inside the very narrow tunnels.

A tree branch which look like snake.

the kitchen

We were served tapioca roots with peanut salt dips, for free.

Obviously, He loves it.

A  picture with the mannequin soldiers.

Me and Mr. ho chi minh.

This fella really “Hard sell” his famouschris.

so so so so tired.

All the way back to the city to have our lunch at Cua Dong.

very bamboo-ish.

The menu. We leave it for  Quang to ordered as we don’t know what is nice and what is not.

They are famous for their special baby crab filling. It was yummylicious.

Hopped into one cab from Mailinh group.

on our way to

Phuoc Hai Tu Temple.

As usual, temples are always grace by two lion statues in front of the entrance. This is how u differentiate  which is male which is female. By right, for chinese we had that saying ???? (guy’s left girl’s right) but for Vietnamese they do it differently. The male is the one with a ball at it’s foot

while the female is the one with a mini lion at it’s foot.

Chua Phuoc Hai’s 100 year old tortoise.

waiting for a taxi.

Paid for the tickets for our next destination

which is Ho Chi Ming city’s Reunification Palace, the home and workplace of the President of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

A tank again. Communist country so no choice, always war. 😈

I don’t know which is which room as I didn’t take note of every room name.

A place where the president make speeches.

According to the research, Yellow color dining room can stimulates our appetite.

Planning room.


Gu mo ong’s seat.

The huge carpet that was a gift to the President from China.

the view from second floor. According to Quang, he said that this is a view of a sleeping dragon.

The President’s hunting collection.

This area actually was made as if it is a ground floor instead of a second floor. Awesome.

The library.

My 1st time into a projection room.

Top floor

A private helicopter

Private piano.

From the top all the way down to the basement.

The underground planning room.

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7 Responses to “Vietnam Birthday Trip Day 2 : Ho Chi Minh”

  1. jamie says:

    Awesome post! Makes me wanna plan a trip there too! Very nice blog! Will drop by again some time 🙂

  2. vivian says:

    Tq Jamie. Ya, you should definitely plan a trip there. It’s a nice place after all. 🙂

  3. […] Breakfast, I quickly showered and went to Hoang Thy Beauty Salon that I had massage on the 2nd day to get my pedicure done. Guess what, I cannot believe it neither […]

  4. May says:

    how much is d body massage please?

  5. Vivian says:

    The body massage costs VND120,000 (around RM20) per hour. 🙂

  6. Joe Lim says:

    Hi Vivian,

    We will be in Saigon this month end and is looking for good massage in our trip. May I know your comment on the massage service provided by Hoang Thy? Did you found tipping issue, like asking for more tip and so on?


  7. Chuusyn says:

    Hi Joe,

    The massage was not bad. They didn’t ask for more tips but we do tipped them our self. 🙂

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