Party weekend

18th June 2010

Was suppose to be a friend of *me love* bachelor partay but it seems like a normal weekend party in the club as usual, nothing special. So “ou ta” wan haha

Alcohol is good?

Not really.

yeeee… so smelly.

The chics.

19th June 2010

It was Aunt Mary’s birthday at Bagan.

The entrance. Was actually me and My Mr. Bf 1st date place before we became couple after Mizi Restaurant. (Mizi that time still haven’t really officially have feelings so TAK KIRA) haha

The prezzie

Started with the appetizer.

My main dish – Salmon.

This gluttony fella couldn’t make his mind of choosing one main dish but he choose platter for all three dishes into one. tsk tsk…

Cake cutting session.

It’s time to dance.

They enjoyed.

Happy Birthday Aunt Mary.

After dinner. Head over to 69 to celebrate this girl’s birthday. I kissed a girl. 😳

Tan Chee Hau, I met your old friend. 😆

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