22nd Jan 2010 – ?

Was received a surprise gifts from mom, jon and vanice middle of the night.

Aha one more new year clothes for me ? !!

Lunch treat at Xuan Xin by W3rkers ? tankqiuuuuuuuuuu so muchie!Β  – photo from famouschris

Had a super surprise from my boo a night before.

Was told that not coming online because Modem ILY22 got problem, I was so slow that I didn’t get the message *sighhh* WTF me!!! It was actually a piece of paper was hidden under my modem ?

The clues for me to search my prezzie

My answer FAILED!!!! couldn’t get 10/10

But with my “smart-ness” I still manage to get all 10 pieces of clues.

Tada my prezzie Yay! ? xoxo…… with a glass of baileys ?

Had lovely dinner at Ingolf’s Kneipe.

the menu

Still prefer to have ourself Paulaner draught. The price are equivalent to a plate of main dish.

I ? Paulaner

He loves it too.

The soup. Nice but still Mizi rocks in terms of taste and cheaper.

His main dish Roasted Porkbelly marinated in their secret spices

Mine Crumbed chickenschnitzel Julian’s style. I was so damn regret by ordering myself a plate of main dish, the portion was like OMG huge. makan sampai SUPER FULL.

Then headed to Sunset bistro to meet


themΒ  *thanks for the prezzie, kam siah alot πŸ™‚ *

and them. Wei khobo onn why bo picture of you eh?? apa lu buat?

? ? ? ?

Will coming over to Melbourne to meet u guys soon, real soon ?

Happy 22nd to myself *blow candles*

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List that need to be complete

Re-stock all the make-up tools. πŸ™‚

Hair accessories

Lists that need to be done:

1. Dell 24′ monitor

Bought a week supply of spaghetti hahahaha OMG this equivalent to the price of a dress

2. New clothes for CNY- checked

3. Mum’s birthday present-checked

4. Christmas’s present – checked

5. Heels – checked

6. Hair cut + Dye – checked

7. Tattoo

8. Set of make up brushes

9. The balm’s sexy mama foundation powder (BB cream) – checked!

10. Elianto color palette – checked

11. A blazer jacket

12. a pair of MNG grey jeans – checked

13. shinny black/dark grey leggings- checked

14. ……………………………………..

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Woke up early for breakfast. Finally on the last day we managed to found a shop for breakfast instead of eating fastfood again.

Had a cup of Bali coffee at Rumah Makan Bamboo corner.

Had two sets of Indonesian breakfast which Boo took fried rice and me was the maggie goreng. Each set costs Rp. 12,0000 = MYR 4

Had a plate of Banana honey pancake which costs Rp. 8,000 = MYR 2.7

Since it is still early, so we went over to the matahari supermarket again for the final round shopping.

There’s so much souveniers to shop.

From as big as sulpture

To small little key chains.

Then to the food section

For more Indomie hahahahahaha was worried wheter we can passed through the custom or not.

Took the Tune hotel’s shutter van to the airport.

Bye bye Tune hotel., Kuta.

Same like Thailand, in Indonesia they got alot of nice sculpture along the road or on the roundabout not like Penang wan so chan!

We reached the Ngurah Rai Airport.

Get ready for our passport.

Was so packed with ang mo, mostly Australian as Perth is just right beside Bali.

Free internet at the departure area.

Had our lunch at the plane.

Boo ordered chicken rice which recommended by the Handsome air steward. Taste good

Mine was actually Bukhara Chicken Briyani rice but ended up I didn’t even manage to eat it as I am not feeling well on the plane.

After two boxes of rice Chris still felt hungry @.@!!!! OMG so here comes one box of doughnuts

Feels like want to eat BUT CANNOT I feel like vomit especially when everyone open their lunch box that time OMG the smells even makes me wana puke. πŸ™ arghhhhh……

Finally when the plane landed I TAK BOLEH TAHAN DAH *oouuuuaakkkkkk*

Hmmmm failed ler me πŸ™ Now I am starting to worry MELBOURNE 8 hours How am I gonna suffer from that? SHITS!

Spotted this lost and found area SO MANY baggages hmmm……..

Queue to checked in. F’king long queue.

Was too early, so regret now. That time we should have gone for duty free shopping 1st one aiksss…..so I can buy some liqours home. Online at LCCT’s boarding area.

Chris got himself a paper to read while waiting.

Reached home at 9.30pm Fuh tiring. Start unpacking jobs.

A box full with Indomie. Full makan till siaoΒ  πŸ˜›

We bought ourself two bottles of Bintang Beer each and a Bintang Mug that bought from Warung Murni hahahahah

A few packets of peanuts

My flip-flops for this and next year πŸ™‚ I am so sure that I couldn’t the price that I can get at Bali in Malaysia.

Some Bali coffee.

my shopping items for my very ownself πŸ™ so little tak cukup.

Was so damn hungry as I didn’t ate anything for the whole day and was so damn craving for Raffe’s curry chickens. The solution to settle my craving is STRAIGHT go over there and satisfied my tummy. πŸ™‚ Yummmmmm……….

ZzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzz and I started to MISSSSSSS BALI so much so so much ?

Next trip : MELBOURNE ? ? ?

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