Christmas 2009

Merry X’mas Everyone.

I know I am the only santa for my ownself in order to complete my wish list. ? so my only wish for santa this year will be * i wanna earn more money so that I can settle my own wish list and no need ma huan Uncle santa to complete my lists. ”


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MNG Sales

MNG sales is back again, this time mum got the exclusive Vip pass on the 1st day of sales before they open to the public

she can only bring 2 person so tomorrow I AM GONNA TAG ALONG wheeee I dont care man so that I can get my size for the clothes that I want muahahahahahahaha

I did aimed a pair of jeans and a coat d 😛

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Dear friends,

I would appreciate if u click on the link below to give me a vote for my design 🙂
Thanks alot.

Vote for Vivian Tan, Malaysia Pleaseeeeeeeee………………..

Sexy Chic

Blue Wave

Thanks alotttttt….

P/s: was so surprise when *me love* send the link to me, I almost forgot about I did joined the competition. lolz I WANA WINNNNN!


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