My past singing competition

Ok I know U wouldnt believe me, and I dont believe myself as well.

I didnt realise I joined so many singing competition before hahaha but of course I didnt won any prizes. What to do, Im not borned to sing. 😛

Fern, remember this? hahahahahahahahaha

OMG, I Just remembered I sang this for school singing competition when I was in standard 5.

Then standard 6 I sang this

Somebody did told me someone cried when I sang this. I was like uh huh!!! hahahahah abit unbelievable. hmmm I guess is just a joke maybe.

Then I remembered when I was in Form 1 or 2, a gang of us joined singing competition again. It was me, soo nee, su venn and ????? soo yee?? or vicky?? I couldnt remember d. and we sang this hahahaha

and then U wouldnt believe it in form 3, me partner with yuet yeng actually went up to the stage and sang this song. hahahahaha What a joke. But we do had a lot of fun. Yeah babe! Until now still always sing this song everytime we went to Red Box!

and then when form 4 hahahahaha again partner with joker yuet yeng sang this song

in remix fast version hahahahahahhahaha awesome right? fuh~ I didnt realised I actually got that stupid courage to gone up to the stage for SINGING COMPETITION???? OMFG!!!! couldnt believe it. Where’s my courage came from I wonder?? hmmmm…….

Ok, actually I joined Choir when I was in Primary. I was once an active Ranger when I was in Secondary so I guess because of always performed in front of the crowd and thats how my courage come from through out all this. hahahahahahaha

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