250 years – Authur’s day

26 September 2009

250 years. It was a long time man. real long.
I joined the Guinness 250 chances to go to the space but end up apa pun tarak not even got the chance to go to BEP concert. 🙁

Went to QeII to celebrate Authur’s day

Met Ying kit, the new tattoo-ed fella. *I dont like ur new tattoo*
QeII is an open-air club so U can see my hair messy like grass. Blame the wind 😛

And this fella and another fella of *me love* friends actually got themselves two prizes of RM500 worth of Guinness Draft.

I didnt drank any pint of Guinness on Authur’s day hahahah
anyway cheers to Authur

Believe me or not Guinness actually are good to our health:
Studies claim that Guinness can be beneficial to the heart. Researchers found that antioxidant compounds in Guinness, similar to those found in certain fruits and vegetables, are responsible for health benefits because they slow down the deposit of harmful cholesterol on the artery walls.
Info from wikipedia

Thats why I always prefer Guinness Draft than Beer. 🙂


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The 2009 Raya weekend

The awesome Mizi Bistro for dinner before we headed to Eno Suite for Leon’s Birthday due to he sms-ed me that the catering had some problems so they only serve finger foods.

My main course. Normally I LOVE the fish there. Just that the portion always so big until I have to wasted the food.

My all time favourite Yam & Corn Ice-cream for dessert.

Then to Eno suite. 1st time in my life been there.
Fuh, I tell ya DAMN NICE.
Macam president suite ni…….. so damn classy.

The theme of that night is Shanghai 1943 so we had to dress like typical shanghai girl.

The Kwang Hwa Girls

The Kwang Hwa group and the birthday boy of course.

Here I present u the entrance of the suite’s room

One last one before we left.

Then to Auto City Slippery Senoritas.

The 1st day of Raya. Was invited to dearest Farhana’s open house.

The lovely malay girl who speak fluent chinese than me 🙂

Then headed back to *me love* place, changed and off to Mois

and met this bunch of peoples.

2nd Day of raya night, went to checked out New Hard Rock Hotel.

Rocker’s costumes.


There’s a long queue just to go into hard rock cafe.

I met MJ there 😛 hahahaha

Mum just booked a 2D1N stay at hard rock on 28 and 29 Nov wheeeee~
Get to go into Hard Rock Cafe without queue and dinner there and also swimming there muahahahahha

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