5th of Sept. 2009.

Went to EnO Hotel’s Sarkies Corner for the awesome buffet lunch treated by my “boss” aka aku punya bapa.
It was so awesome that I were filled with super mouth watering seafood

*slurp*  The Scallops

The Seafood corner where the chefs cooking right in front of u and u get to choose what seafood u want. There are salmons, Big fresh prawns, Squids, Fishy…….

The oysters so goooooooooooooddddddd.
Oh my godness I WILL BE FAT AFTER THIS which I dont want to be. It was a lovely Sunday nice weather afternoon, we got ourselves a nice spot outside it wasn’t humid and hot at all eventough it was 12pm in the afternoon.Vivian Tan and Venjon Tan who loves to act like stupid. hahahahaThe both closer sister and brother.
Wanted to captured the big wave behind us but it ended up it was just a small wave.

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Let me be there

Wherever you go
wherever you may wander in your life
Surley I know
I’ll always wanna be there

Holding your hand
and standing by to catch you when you fall
Seeing you through
I ev’rything you do

Let me be there in your morning
Let me be there in your night
Let me change whatever wrong
and make it right
Let me take you through that wonderland
That I only two can share
All I ask you
is let me be there

Watching you grow
And going though the changes in your life
That’s how I know
I’ll always wanna be there

Whenever you feel
You need a friend to lean on here I am
Whenever you call
You know I’ll be there

Let me be there …

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To *me love*,

Thankkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssss alot by sending my lappie for me in the middle of the night, tankiew so muchie muaksssssssssssssssssss

So frustrated with my stupid old PC ishkkkkkkkk
and stupid photoshop file damn lagggggggg babi betui!

Thank god that *me love* was so lovely enough to send my lappie to me from Middle of the town to Batu Maung so that I can get my job done, appreciate it hugs!

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