It was MNG sales again!!!
fuhhhhhh~happy nyer
got myself a pair of pants and a shorts hahaha

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Top 10 favourite songs of mine

Watched this for my weekend must watch movie since last last weekend 🙂 .

and then was having a lil. conversation with *me love*
he suddenly pop up this question :
tell me what is ur top 5 songs.
hmmmmm oh yeah it makes me think for awhile
top 5 is hard for me to choose so I make it top 12
12. Every breath you take
11. wake me up when september ends
10. How do i live
9. I miss you like crazy
8. Colors of the wind
7. Have you really love a woman
6. Better man
5. Quando Quando Quando
4. I dont wanna miss a thing
3. Secret Garden
2. When you say nothing at all
1. Stand by me
Now what’s urs?

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So fast weekend had just passed again, sob sob!
but it’s ok time flies but at least I spent my weekend wisely.
1st was we finally plant our own sunflowers wheeee~
Hope it gonna bloom like a sun smells like a flower hahahaa
Then it was a father’s day weekend
I didnt spent my father’s night with my own father but with *me love* families
@.@!!! What a daughter *thumbs up for me*
Nah it’s ok gonna have family gathering this coming weekend woooohhhhh
It’s gonna be fun, trust me
so back to the topic, ya it was father’s day so had japanese food instead of steamboat.
and then we discovered there’re a japanese and korean mini market in PENANG!!!
syok man hahahahahahhahahaha big surprise eventough i know IM OUT!
found this kim’s mart which is one of the korean minimart at prima tanjung
and when we round the whole island to search for macha green tea powder,
we found out this meijiya japanese minimart at opposite Wat Chaiyamangalaram temple. so cool man so cool u know. U can get whatever u like from japan hahahahahaEvery weekend movie.
Since transformer will be showing this coming tuesday which is tmr
so we can only watch movie at home when waiting it to release 😛
oh well watched a super funny movie
damn funny last but not least it was also dearest Sabrina Tan’s birthday
sadly she’s not in penang but babe, happy sweet 21 🙂 hugs

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