a lil update

Just got myself a twitter! 😛
need a lil. time for more explore *wink wink*
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Let’s judge :P

Singing the same song and there’s the contrast.
People, tell me which one deserve to win??
I dont understand what happen to americans?? 🙁

Adam Lambert

*sorry i coulndt get the high quality video in youtbe.*

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Dream again!

Oh well i had my bad dream AGAIN!
Last night i got threee dreams in a row for the whole night.
1st one was Sabrina came to my house late at night ask me to help her try on the clothes for her to shoot photo for her assignments.
Because it was late midnight my dad was asleep but when I open the door for her my dad start scolding bla bla bla bla bla bla….until i woke up at 4.30am @.@
and then i slept back!
Here come the interesting 2nd dream
it was a beautiful day and i went to a beach
the water like so damn clear and the weather was so damn nice
and then i saw one of my friend Esther soon carrying her baby
*it was so random that i dreamed about her, she’s not my close friend not even classmates as well. it just sch mates*
and she was standing still on the beach.
so i walked near to her and greet her
V: hey, how come u so free?
her face was like so panic yet she didnt even move and she said
E: there’s a shark under our feet
and then i saw a shark fin just under right beside my feet
FUWAHHHHH~~~ scary man
seriously eventough im sleeping and im on my bed but i can really feel that I am stepping on something, I guess shud be my bolster 😛 hahhaahhahaa
then i told her
V: ok hang in there i’ll go ask for help
so i ran to a bunch of the people and shout : help! help! there’s a shark there!! pls help!
and there’s an old man quickly ran towards her
just right before he reached her the shark came out and used it’s tail to hit on her and the baby
she was screaming out loud and the baby was crying.
so while the old man handle the shark there’s another green fierce shark came toward me and my bro. so my dad blocked the shark so that it couldnt hurt us and all i remember was dad asking me to take my brother with my grandmother and lil. hui xin away, FAST!
and then again i woke up at 5 something AGAIN! @.@!!!
adventurous right?
so then AGAIN i slept back and then here comes the 3rd dream
but it just all the people i met in there are very very random.
so not planning to talked about it.
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