Happy sweet 21st Mina. Xoxo!
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My weekend movie

Since I am alone so i got this movie from dear gay porn lover me friend Ting
??? Fuh freaking best actually. the combination of gay porn and porn movie that I’ve never seen before.
When I watched I was wondering who the hell are all these actors and actress? Why they look so familiar to me
and then after i confirmed with Ting only I realise…. Ooooooooooooooo
This the actor for the picture above which is from the movie 200 pounds beauty. Remember? Mariaaaa……
the girl from picture above which is the one who act in the series ?. The girl in pink. Fuh I remembered it was one of my super favourite korean series i love the most last time other than Full house by Rain.
In the movie ??? I was so shocked seeing the girl naked macam porn star nii but this is what we called ART.
Neh this guy This guy.
Which is from the series ??????. The guy in grey! lolz hmmm makes me remember all the scenes from Bali inside the show and Im going to Bali soooonnnnn eventough still damn far away from the day I will be there. (:
Oh well yeah I am alone. so plan to catch up with some movies and series and i love it.
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A l o n e

It has been a very long time i am no longer alone but here i am again 🙁
Sounds pathetic right? lolz
Vivian Tan scares lonely??? It sound so rediculous
but yes i am right now 🙁
Eversince U left
I didnt sleep on my own pillow but the other one everynight.

I used Dettol soap more often instead of my own shower cream.
I tend to open my purse more oftenhmmm…..oh well I misssss………………………

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