My body say Let’s go and my heart say NO
what come to your mind 1st when u see that?
Apparently I was putting this phrase on my msn personal message
and suddenly D said this to me
1st he said: it sounds like Im taking drugs.
then he said: It sounds like SEX
SEX?? hmm if is sex, body says let’s go but heart say NO it sounds like
sex’s not fun at all right.
Oh well then this came upwhich is quite true!! hahahahahaha
what do u think??
but actually I took that phrases from the genie in the bottle’s lyric ler 😛

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R.I.P ??

Once this song was so so so famous
and now Ah Sang – RIP. News about her death

?? – ??

After so long, watched back-Tears drop-touching.
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