week-end movies

At last I get to watch all awarded movies.
From Benjamin Button to Slumdog, and from The reader to Milk and Changeling
Seriously all are so good!!! Super GOOD!
from the camera angle to the acting
Good credit for the directors.
Finally Kate Winslet is back whooooo~
I get to see more naked scene compare to Titanic lol
But she’s good, seriously good!

The Reader trailer

Watched Milk. Not this full creame Milk
Not this Milk as well *ahem*
But this!! It’s all about gay, gay and Gay and yes GAY!
Fuiyoh~ damn good.
soooo good man!

I love what he said: Without hope, Life is not worth living!
The original Harvey Milk on the right.

Milk Trailer

Woottt woottt!! Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and they are back
Hmmm oh well I still prefer The fast and furious 2 actually

Fast and furious trailer

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