What is true friend?

What is true friend?? What is the most important factor that make true friend stays forever?
Here it is- HONESTY
Yeah, actually I shouldnt say anything. Should just remain silent
but as i think futher true friend should be honest to each of anyone of us
I know they will never plan to tell
but i guess someone should have say it out
tell u how we feel
we just want to let u know but not blaming u
but the way u replied sound so offended
i wonder why? maybe is just because u cannot take it?? or probably is just because ur attitude?
I dont know or maybe just because i think too much
Oh well~ i know u must have been thought that i always act like big sister * i could be wrong but it just u always gave me that ur thinking that hehe *
yea, i admit sometime not sometime but most of the time i just like to give comments…my opinions and bla bla bla……… u can always ignore it, i dont mind
Maybe u dont care what I said also ler
i know we wont ever ????????? ??????????????
we always do silly stuffs so we wont laugh at u or saying u stupid
to me the four of us, u are the only one who always kept things to urself
we dont really know much about u compare to others
maybe is just me, i dont know 🙂 but this is what i feel
I can easily tell the likes and dont likes of them but i cant tell urs.
maybe i didnt spent time to know more about u.
trust me or not, spill out everything can make things get better
eventough it might hurt but at least u know.
it’s cruel but also it’s true.
and there it form”true friends”
guess im talking crap again 🙂 but i do hope u gurls tell each other how u all feel if u all want things to become better but not worst
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Yeah, now my turn!!! A post for u Eileen Gan
actually im having my period pain this morning
see im still so good compose this lovely post for u my dearest 😛
Now ur no longer 20 but not yet 22
is just 21st. TWENTY ONE ok
so is time to grow hehehe *wink wink*
sexy lady in the house u know what i mean right???
Imagine 11 years opps no longer 11 years anymore 12 years i guess?? this year 2009
FUH~ 12 years imagine
I started to know u since standard 4 beacuse of stickers
now we become bestie aha!!
i wonder how we gone thru all this
I remember we used to argue with each other
I got once ter-slap u and u really so angry with me, I am so sorry
i didnt mean it, u know right 🙂 still young what that time
Guiding and ranger life brought us become even closer
Since EYTC until CTC
Form 1 until Form 5 we both always got into the same patrol lol
just go flip back all those photos we took last time
fuh~ memories.
Guess what i used to bully u lol not used to even now still got but u know
we still always sayang u
see ur birthday wana become the most leng lui
we gave u everything we can afford to make u become “leng bao keng” lol
seriously think back childhood memories hahahahaha
can make me laugh like hell
i still keeping all those letter u wrote for me last time
U even taught *somebody* how to court me hahahahahahahaha
so sweet of u but too bad im not into him 🙂
Yay!! finally we grown up. Graduated from diploma
No longer go play ground play swing or see-saw anymore hahaha
Clubbing, shopping, gossipping, chatting……….
turned into our favourite 🙂
but still we love pillow talk the most
I enjoyed it listen to u talk and i fall asleep
is just sounded like granny talking story hahahaha just kidding
U know i always last to sleep before u, entertained u haha
ok i found this picture showing how tam chiak are u
please look it urself
godness haih!!!
okler be serious back to serious picture of u 😛
anyway im happy to know u
glad to have u as BFF
thanks for sharing everything to me and yee 🙂
u know i never write so damn “yok ma” post to anyone wan
but aikssss ?????? YUCKS “yok ma kah si”
Happy sweet 21st, Babe fern 🙂 enjoy ur day!
Hope u appreciate me and yee’s effort and sponsorship by everyone for ur pressie 🙂

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miss post

I never feel that kind of M.I.S.S before, so strong arghhhh godness
Yeah I admit I really miss u 🙂 xoxo!
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