Relaxing weekend

Enjoy my movie’s day for the Confessions of a shopaholic.
Sweet movie i love it.
Im not a Shop-a-ho-lic anyway!
Had an one hour full body massage. Fuh~ damn nice man
Opps didnt joined the earth hour function
was having dinner for that whole one hour 😛1st time had president magarita at Chilis.
It was a nice drink

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song choice

Heard this song from *me love* pc hmmm. is nice!
Come on get highier

I couldnt find the original video for this song but i love it 🙂
Treat me good- bachelor girl

Echo-Cyndi Lauper

Carrie Underwood- home sweet home Fuh~ i feel like going home 🙁

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I dont want Coach anymore Gucci is my new aim

I will get a car after earn. Perhaps a black Honda City wheee~

Then continue my travel dream. YUHUUUUU!!
Travel around the world
From beach
To sky
and then have myself a gym perhaps every week twice
Keep myself fit and get my sweet nice curvy body line @.@
Then think about getting a nice sweet house
and last but not least only come to creating my own family ?
Hmm….oh well perhapsss……. i shall STOP DREAMING and continue work hard and earn!!!
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