15th March 2009

A look from you is as blinding as the sun,
As stunning as your eyes I lose myself in.
A look from you is as pure as the clear blue sky,
When I’m with you.

Every minute I’m not around you,
I feel like I left something behind.
Every time I’m not looking at you,
I feel like I am blind.

A smile from you is as electrifying as the moon,
A smile from you is as calming as the stars in the sky,
You are the love of my life!

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Eventough i just started to joined in w3rk but today there’s a farewell for one of the colleague
Hmm….well well, i guess im s***s in saying goodbye
i always feel sad saying goodbye
either sending my friends or family off from air port or leaving
my heart always dont feel so comfortable 🙁
anyway just a post for u
Ben, good luck in ur studies and all the best.
w3rkers will always miss u =)

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Aha! This is me
Joyce Tang. was told that i look like her since standard 4.
I dont know but u judge

Joanne-Jen jen said i look like her???
but who’s she?Me Again
Gigi Leung. Was told that i look like her as well since form 1
I dont think so.
*me love* BFFang zhu ming. Agree??
Dont think so??
Again *me love* BFsee sama muka. I dont know actually this is what my friends said. 😛This is what fern fern said one. she told me he look like cute lil. woodstock lol 🙂Lee Soo Yee. BFF
Annie Man. Aisheh she looks like her.
Dont u think so?
Yeah Please agree with me.
Eileen Gan Mi Fern. BFF
just kidding
Sherril Leow. BFF
Winnie The Pooh.
” Siang bo siang?”

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