Bought this in the morning while teman-ing mom to market for breakfast

Tavia, tavia she’s gorgeous my pretty lady!
Nearly got an accident this morning damn!
Im so sorry uncle.
It’s my fault for not paying attention while driving
today, not a good day for my to drive
there’s a few times I nearly “kiss” others people cars aiks
Had lunch.
Thankx alot, FC!
U are not backups! -.-
I guess the oreo should be taste nice with the milk *wink wink*
Met CuiLin babe at prangin
I miss u so much
wish could have more time we could sit down had a cup of hot choc. and chit chat =)
ya ur right babe, if he ignores me i shouldnt care so much about him
but the feeling of being ignore seriously hurt. u really hurts me that night
why do i feel suffer?
and why do i feel comfortable?
*****Shit I found this!!! Delicious night whee~ OH MY GOD!!!!
I am going to own this very soon!! I WANT IT!!!

but how about this??? CK one summer =( I love this as well

Which to choose?? damn!!
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